We light up the darkness of your energy cost

As an independent consulting company for mid-sized businesses, we offer the latest LED luminaires from the best manufacturers, professional direct marketing, including the planning and installation, as well as liquidity-saving payment programs for an immediate return. With this unique "Professional to Business" range of services we are your lighting-agency. Our mission: a bright future.

Green light: LED

Low CO2 emission as well as energy- and cost-saving while at the same time constantly increasing the light output and durability - LED lights are the "green" light of the future.

Best technology

LEDinBLACK is acting for you as an independent agency with a comprehensive market overview. We only offer products from the best manufacturers such as the products from SWITCH MADE Deutschland GmbH.

Professional (to) Business

Our professional direct marketing is unique - it includes LED lamps bought directly from the manufacturer, a nonbinding consultation, a free analysis, complete planning and installation performed by professionals only.

Get into the black: ALLin60

Get into the black immediately with LEDinBLACK! Because as your lighting-agency we are turning the conversion costs into a monthly fee that is - with your savings already included - less than your current energy costs.

Result: a bright future

Our customers already live this future today. For their annual electricity costs and associated CO2 emissions were reduced by an average of 70%. 

These are excellent arguments for the switch to LED lighting. You are saving money and you can have a good conscience about it because on the by your are doing the environment a big favour by contributing to the CO2 reduction.

Moreover, the LED lighting can be adjusted according to your needs, so that you have the perfect light for every situation.